Tom Hanks Is De-Aged in the Trailer for Robert Zemeckis's 'Here'

The effect was created with AI

Photo courtesy of VVS Films

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 26, 2024

Tom Hanks has been on our movie screens for 40 years now, and viewers will soon turn back the clock thanks to Robert Zemeckis's new film Here, which features a de-aged Hanks looking very much like he did back in those early roles from the '80s and '90s.

Here follows a single location throughout history, with all the scenes filmed from the same angle in the exact same position — from the dinosaurs through various generations of a household. The focus of the film is a couple named Richard (Hanks) and Margaret (Robin Wright), who have been digitally de-aged (and well as aged) to appear throughout various decades of their lives.

It's a neat-looking concept and the de-aging looks quite realistic, although the actors' ever-so-slight uncanny valley appearance (created with the AI tool Metaphysic Live) might make some viewers uneasy. It's definitely much less weird than Hanks looked in The Polar Express — which was another Zemeckis film, incidentally.

Watch Here's trailer below. It opens November 15 through VVS Films in Canada.

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