Streaming Must-Sees (and Must-Skips) in September 2022

'Andor,' 'The Rings of Power' and 'The Greatest Beer Run Ever' lead this month's Tune In or Turn Off

Photo courtesy of Lucasfilm

BY Alex HudsonPublished Sep 26, 2022

Summer blockbuster season is winding down and we're entering the prestige season typically associated with the lead-up to the major awards shows. It's fitting, then, that there's a pretty strong slate of films and series in this month's edition of our monthly streaming guide. This month brings solid series from a couple of fantasy institutions, a couple of excellent dark comedies, and a fumble from an Oscar-winning director.

All of the highlights and lowlights of this month's streaming content can be found below in the latest edition of Tune In or Turn Off.

Tune In: A League of Their Own
(Prime Video)

The 1992 film about women's wartime baseball is remade as a series. The real fun is seeing Abbi Jacobson give essentially the exact same performance as she did in Broad City, albeit in a very different context.

Tune In: Andor

The new Star Wars series is a spinoff of a spinoff — and the fact that it comes just a few months after Obi-Wan Kenobi adds to the sense that it's a bit pointless. But for fans not experiencing Star Wars burnout, this fugitive thriller is a nicely simmering look into the more obscure corners of the Empire not explored during the Skywalker Saga.

Tune In: Bad Sisters
(Apple TV+)

The worst guy in the entire world winds up dead, and his sisters-in-law are the prime suspects. The twist of this Irish detective series is that the investigator is a crooked insurance agent rather than the police — and you really, really want the killer(s) to get away with it.

Tune In: Fakes
(CBC Gem)

Set in West Vancouver, this is a fanciful retelling of a true story about teens who built an empire with their fake ID business. With unreliable narrators aplenty and maximalist, Gen Z-targeted humour, this CBC/Netflix joint production is a ton of fun — especially if you happened to grow up in an apartment building right next to Ambleside, where the show takes place. Ahem. 

Turn Off: The Greatest Beer Run Ever
(Apple TV+)

As a dumbass comedy, this story about a merchant seaman (Zac Efron) delivering beer to his buddies in the Vietnam War isn't awful — but as a war movie that attempts to comment on American jingoism, The Greatest Beer Run Ever (out September 30) is a mild and predictable take from Oscar-winner Peter Farrelly.

Tune In: The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power
(Prime Video)

Between The Rings of Power and House of the Dragon, it's a pretty good time for fans looking to relive the millennium's greatest fantasy franchises. I certainly didn't ask for this non-canonical Tolkien tale, but it looks gorgeous and decently recaptures the magic of the original LOTR trilogy.

Tune In: Prey

A young woman from the Comanche Nation squares off against the Predator in 1719. The gorgeous scenery was captured just outside of Calgary, while a great performance is delivered by Amber Midthunder — but the best thing about Prey is its many gory, hilarious, gnarly kill scenes.

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