Six Fan-Made Crossovers Between 'Child's Play' and 'Toy Story'

Six Fan-Made Crossovers Between 'Child's Play' and 'Toy Story'
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June 21 is a great day to be a fan of toys come to life. After all, not only will Pixar/Disney release the fourth (and supposedly final) Toy Story film, but Elevation will deliver the long-awaited reboot of the Chucky franchise with Child's Play.
With this delightful kismet at play, the Child's Play marketing team has been going strong with some violent posters that suggest Chucky dismembered Woody and the gang. Still, it feels like the crossovers could go further.
Fortunately, the internet is awash with creative fans who specialize in making these twisted dreams come to life. As such, we've dug around to bring you some of the best fan-made crossovers between Chucky and the Toy Story gang.
Child's Play opens on June 21 (as does its cuddly, kid-friendly counterpart).
Toy Story - Chucky Child's Play (2019) Mash-Up

Just ask Girl Talk — the best mashups seamlessly combine their two sources in a way that makes them feel entirely authentic. YouTube user TheBodoProduction has recut the Toy Story 4 trailer in a way that's nearly shot-for-shot with the audio of the Child's Play reboot. It's an incredibly fun video to watch, and better yet, it helps us understand just how robust both media properties can be.
Chucky Story (Re-Cut Trailer)

The brand new Child's Play mashup is hardly the first creation from TheBodoProduction. In fact, the channel has been dreaming of this crossover for years. In 2013, they uploaded a trailer that paired footage from the original Toy Story with audio from a Child's Play trailer. There's a lot of good here, including a bleak, horror-looking effect on the film grain, but it's still a little more raw than the new mashup. That's also in part because of the way trailers themselves have improved since the original Child's Play came out in 1988.
Toy Story/Child's Play Movie Mashup

As another video that pairs Toy Story with the original Child's Play trailer, this one is particularly impressive in the visuals the editor chose to match with the dialogue. In fact, it's so well-edited that you'll 100 percent believe that Mr. Potato Head once said "I'm detective Mike Norris, homicide."
Toy Story 4: The Return of Chucky

Uploaded in 2017, this clip from Uncle Bob's Renegade Chop Shop appears to have predicted the delightful release schedule coincidence that would come to pass in 2019. Here, we see a classic scene from Toy Story edited to include some grim violence from the legendary demonic doll. Here, the twisted Sid is greeted with more than he bargained for when Chucky wreaks violent havoc on his bedroom.
CHUCKY STORY | A Toy Story 4 / Child's Play / Annabelle Parody

With their YouTube comedy channel, the Lewis Brothers certainly took things to the next level. This three-minute sketch, which is shockingly well-shot, sees Sam and Jake reminisce about the toys of their youth. In fitting with the Toy Story theme, their memories are soundtracked by a fake Randy Newman tune. That said, Woody and Buzz aren't anywhere to be found — the toys just so happen to be Chucky and, to throw a new twist into the mix, Annabelle from the Conjuring franchise. The world is full of evil dolls!
Jigsaw Games

Some things are certainly better to be experienced than described, but we'll do our best. YouTube user RealBoboghost has uploaded a handful of absolutely terrifying animations that pit Chucky against Woody and Buzz Lightyear in some sort of lo-fi CGI hell world that is being controlled by Jigsaw from the Saw franchise. Making matters worse, the editor has utilized clips from other movies starring the Toy Story voice actors, meaning Woody and Buzz also have a tendency to cuss. This is absolutely cursed.