Toy Story: 10th Anniversary Edition John Lasseter

The film that started it all is now a decade old and to commemorate its importance in the evolution of film animation, Disney has repackaged the film's 2003 DVD release with more extras. The film we all know and love; Tom Hanks voices Woody the cowboy, the favourite toy of human boy Andy, that is until for his birthday Andy receives a Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), who throws the toy collection's world into panic with jealousy and worry. Not that you'd expect otherwise, even with The Incredibles pushing the CGI boundaries into increasingly more groundbreaking and adult territory, but Toy Story still retains the wonderful lustre it shone with upon its release, vanquishing the barrier between children's and grown-up entertainment with ease. The characters are what carry this story, and Tim Allen's deadpan astronaut disrupting the world of Tom Hanks's jealous/possessive cowboy is a hoot to watch over and over. Even more priceless is the melodrama of the green plastic toy soldiers and their covert operation to see what Andy gets for his birthday, as well as "the claw" — the toy-picking vending machine — and its naïve alien inhabitants. But this reissue is all about the new bonus features and the big Pixar fan in all of us will want to pick this up. "Legacy" is an enjoyable featurette exploring the impact the film had, which includes the likes of Hanks and Allen, along with George Lucas, Peter Jackson, Brad Bird and a number of awed animators claiming there was "nothing like it." "Designing," on the other hand, takes a more technical look at the film, chatting with the film's art director and design team who admit they had to become architects, as well as interior, costume and hair designers for the film, not to mention using a toy's perspective for most ideas. Most fun of all though is an interactive game where you get to be Sid and repeatedly choose different toys from the film with the almighty "claw." Bonus features from the original DVD are also included, such as a commentary, "making of" featurette and deleted scenes. (Disney/Pixar/Buena Vista)