Shaun the Sheep Movie Mark Burton and Richard Starzak

Shaun the Sheep Movie Mark Burton and Richard Starzak
In an increasingly digital and modern world, it's good to know Mark Burton and Richard Starzak can still craft a creative and compelling story with just some good old fashioned stop-motion animation.
Based on the popular Shaun the Sheep television series (a spinoff of Nick Park's critically acclaimed Wallace and Gromit), Shaun the Sheep Movie takes the titular mammal and places him and his friends on an epic quest in the big city to reunite their lost owner with the rest of his flock.
Like the children's show before it, Shaun's adventure is told entirely without dialogue (outside of the film's soundtrack and sound effects, the only noises you hear are a few bahhhs and grunts). But what it lacks in complexity, Shaun the Sheep Movie makes up for with impeccable visual storytelling and charm that will not only delight children and fans of the series, but any adult who once dreamt of being an animator after seeing one of Aardman Animations' other shorts.

(Elevation Pictures)