​Rose McGowan's Former Manager Jill Messick Dies by Suicide

Her family says the Harvey Weinstein scandal contributed to her death
​Rose McGowan's Former Manager Jill Messick Dies by Suicide
Film executive Jill Messick died by suicide on Wednesday (February 7) at the age of 50. She was a producer on films like Frida, Mean Girls and Baby Mama, and previously worked as Rose McGowan's manager.
Messick's family said that she had struggled with bipolar disorder and depression for years, but claimed that the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal had caused her additional distress. In a statement to the Associated Press, Messick's family described her as "collateral damage in an already horrific story."
Messick was McGowan's manager during the 1997 Sundance Film Festival, where the actress alleges Weinstein raped her. McGowan recently claimed that Messick had failed to support her after disclosing Weinstein's behaviour. 

According to Messick's family, McGowan told her manager about an incident with Weinstein, but did not disclose it as rape. Messick nevertheless reported allegedly "untoward" behaviour to her bosses, and an arrangement was negotiated between Weinstein and McGowan without Messick's knowledge. Months later, Messick took a job with Weinstein at Miramax.
Weinstein's lawyers have denied McGowan's allegations.
Messick's family went on to say that the late producer had refrained from speaking out publicly to defend herself, at the risk of discouraging other women from coming forward with their own stories of sexual abuse..
"She opted not to add to the feeding frenzy, allowing her name and her reputation to be sullied despite having done nothing wrong," the Messick family's statement said. "Seeing her name in headlines again and again ... along with Harvey's desperate attempt to vindicate himself, was devastating for her."

Read the family's full statement here via The Hollywood Reporter.

A number of Messick's colleagues have since shared their condolences. Mean Girls creator Tina Fey told THR: "This is very sad news and my heart goes out to her family. Jill was instrumental in helping Mean Girls get to the screen. She was a fiercely dedicated producer and a kind person."

A number of Mean Girls stars shared fond memories of Messick Twitter.
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