Harvey Weinstein on Awards Season Glut: "We're on a Dangerous Track"

Harvey Weinstein on Awards Season Glut: 'We're on a Dangerous Track'
There's no denying that Oscar season is a pretty cynical time as studios save up their prestige pictures, biopics and David O. Russell movies in an effort to sway awards voters, who apparently can't remember movies that come out earlier in the year. Awards-baiting has been a long-running practice, but now mega producer (and award show mainstay) Harvey Weinstein has had enough.

Weinstein has written a new op-ed for The Hollywood Reporter where he basically trashes the practice. He argues that this year's awards releases "cannibalized each other," adding that there are simply too many films vying for end-of-year daps.

"We're all going for the same audience, trying to grab the attention of both smart adult film lovers and the awards voters, and because of that no one is able to make a huge impression," Weinstein said.

"Don't get me wrong: Awards recognition is extremely important," he added. "I know that as well as anyone, given how important nominations have been to my releases over the years.‎ But one look at all of the great films and amazing performances that are underappreciated because of this glut shows that we're on a dangerous track as an industry."

The piece, which is full of insight into the behind-the-scenes goings on of a producer at awards time, can be read here.