Pedro Pascal, the Internet's Slutty Daddy, Has Officially Graduated from 'Hot Ones'

The actor discusses his various television projects with host Sean Evans while trying to beat the heat

BY Allie GregoryPublished Mar 9, 2023

Sound the alarm! The internet's slutty daddy and The Last of Us star Pedro Pascal's Hot Ones episode is officially live.

Pascal, who says he "was really good around spicy food as a young man and young internal organs," now admits, "I don't know if it goes so great anymore," as he heads into the spicy wings-eating challenge that has burned so many in the past.

Hot Ones host Sean Evans and Pascal start out mild, with the actor wondering aloud, "how much of this is going to get caught on [his] astonishing moustache," as he stares sensually at the camera. The pair discuss the latter's global television hits, including roles in The Mandalorian, Game of Thrones, Narcos and other projects, without breaking a sweat.

Evans serves up a mushroom-based hot sauce mid-episode, presumably as a nod to the mycelial creatures from his currently airing HBO series. That's when things begin to break down, spice-wise, as Pascal grows visibly red and starts sweating the Scovilles.

This whopping 26 minutes of footage will surely earn Pascal a few more horny fancams, but he knows what he's doing. Watch his Hot Ones episode below.

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