​Matt Lauer's Apology Skewered in New Animated Musical Clip

It's the latest from Lauren Maul's 'Apologies from Men: The Album'

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jan 19, 2018

It's sadly become commonplace for serious allegations of sexual misconduct in Hollywood to be followed up with lacklustre, desperate apologies on behalf of misbehaving men — and filmmaker Lauren Maul isn't buying it.
Maul has already delivered animated musical interpretations of apologies from Louis C.K. and Kevin Spacey, and now she's turned her focus to Matt Lauer.
As with the clips for C.K. and Spacey, the latest song and video ridicules just how vapid Lauer's apology really is.
The former Today show host was fired last year for "inappropriate sexual behaviour in the workplace," prompting him to express his "sorrow and regret" in a public apology.
Maul's visual work is accompanied by the musical talents of Alyson Greenfield, Jen Kwok and Lady Kate Weber.

All of the aforementioned songs will appear on an upcoming album dubbed Apologies from Men: The Album, which also features less-than-accepted apologies from Mario Batali, Harvey Weinstein and Russell Simons.
For now, check out "Sorrow & Regret: The Matt Lauer Apology" below.

Sorrow & Regret: The Matt Lauer Apology from Lauren Maul on Vimeo.

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