'​Bond 25' Shares On-Set Video from Jamaica

But it leaves out the ankle injuries and explosions

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jun 25, 2019

The 25th James Bond film is supposed to arrive next year, and the cast and crew have unveiled a behind-the-scenes look at production in Jamaica.
A new video shows the filming in progress, capturing scenes on the streets of Jamaica and inside the nightclubs. Towards the end, we see Mr. Bond himself, portrayed once again by Daniel Craig, walking against the night sky.
It looks like things on-set are running a whole lot smoother than reports have been letting on. Earlier this year, Craig had to get ankle surgery after getting injured in production. Not long after that, an explosion on the set damaged set pieces and injured a crew member.
Get a look at the shinier side of the Bond 25 production below.
As previously reported, director Cary Fukunaga is still aiming to have the film released on April 8, 2020.

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