Cary Fukunaga Is Directing a 'Tokyo Ghost' Adaptation

The 'No Time to Die' director will bring Rick Remender's Image Comics series to the big screen

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Mar 24, 2021

Ahead of his James Bond film No Time to Die arriving in theatres later this year, Cary Fukunaga's next feature film project has been revealed.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Fukunaga will direct a feature adaptation of cyberpunk Image Comics series Tokyo Ghost for Legendary Entertainment.

Written by Rick Remender and drawn by Sean Murphy, Tokyo Ghost follows constables Debbie Decay and Led Dent, working as peacekeepers on the Isles of Los Angeles in the year 2089.

Working in technology-addicted society, the two are soon given a job that will take them to the last tech-free country on Earth: the garden nation of Tokyo.

THR notes that Remender will write for the Legendary adaptation, while Fukunaga will also produce under his Parliament of Owls banner with Hayden Lautenbach. Additionally, Jon Silk will produce for his new production company, Silk Mass.

At present, Fukunaga's Bond film No Time to Die is slated for release on September 20 in the United Kingdom and October 8 in the United States.

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