Benedict Cumberbatch Supports Scorsese and Coppola's Marvel Comments

"We don't want one king to rule it all and have a kind of monopoly," the 'Doctor Strange' star says

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Oct 24, 2019

Benedict Cumberbatch is the latest film figure to respond to Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola's Marvel movie comments, and he's surprisingly in agreement with them.
Despite playing Doctor Strange in his own film and appearing in Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, Cumberbatch agreed that superhero movies shouldn't completely overtake the filmmaking industry.
"I know there's been a lot of debate recently with these very fine filmmakers coming to the fore saying that these film franchises are taking over everything … And I agree, you know," he told Jenny McCarthy on her radio show. "We don't want one king to rule it all and have a kind of monopoly."
He also advocated for supporting other kinds of films, especially smaller ones, adding, "We should really look into continuing to support auteur filmmakers at every level."
He later adds, though, "It is a form of artistry — however it's denigrated by some — it still requires a hell of a lot of craft at a very high level."
Cumberbatch's comments were in response to recent remarks by Scorcese, who said that Marvel films are "not cinema," and Coppola, who agreed and went even further by calling the franchise "despicable."
Cumberbatch's stance is in stark contrast to Robert Downey Jr. (a.k.a. Iron Man), who defended the monstrous impact that Marvel movies have had on cinema.
"There's a lot to be said about how these genre movies — and I was happy to be a part of the 'problem', if there is one — denigrated the art form of cinema," he said. "When you come in like a stomping beast and you eliminate the competition in such a demonstrative way, it's phenomenal."
Watch the interview with Cumberbatch below.

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