Baby Yoda Goes to Outer Space

The Child went zero-G during SpaceX's weekend launch
Baby Yoda Goes to Outer Space
Fire up the meme generators. Baby Yoda is in space — for real.

The Mandalorian crowd favourite made his way into the stratosphere on Sunday (November 15) during SpaceX's Crew Dragon launch.

Alongside Commander Mike Hopkins, Victor Glover and Shannon Walker from NASA and Soichi Noguchi from Japan's Aerospace Exploration Agency, the plushie stowaway has embarked on a journey to the International Space Station, which is expected to dock later this evening.

Baby Yoda served as the SpaceX flight's "zero-G indicator," a role traditionally filled by a small, soft object to help demonstrate shifts in gravity onboard space missions.

"We've got Baby Yoda on board trying to take a seat right now," NASA's communications specialist Leah Cheshier said in a video feed, as the tiny figure floated around the cabin beside his astronaut counterparts.

The fictional embodiment of the Child is expected to return in Disney+'s The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 4, airing this Friday (November 20), while the real-life space version is expected to remain at the ISS for a six-month stay.

Watch a clip of the stuffed Baby Yoda in space below.