Zion I

Deep Water Slang V2.0

BY Thomas QuinlanPublished Jan 1, 2006

Zion I's follow-up to 2000's Mind Over Matter was originally slated for a much earlier release on the Ground Control label before their parent company, Nu Gruv Alliance, folded. Thankfully, Deep Water Slang has been given a second chance. Producer Amp Live is not afraid to experiment with dance hall ("AEIOU"), drum & bass ("MindBlow"), and rock ("Finger Paint"), or just maintain a straight-ahead hip-hop flavour (lead single "Cheeba Cheeba" featuring Aceyalone). Even now, when people are becoming more open to experimentation in hip-hop, it's rare to see such a diverse album still easily identified as hip-hop. To make things even better, Amp Live takes advantage of live instrumentation on nearly every track, utilises some female vocals for great effect, and includes cuts and beat-boxes in the mix. Zion, the MC, is the hand that fits perfectly into the glove of Amp Live's productions. Together they succeed where many others have failed, creating an honest rap ballad that never resorts to melodrama with "Sorry." They also open the album with a nearly flawless transition from smooth intro track "Jahmbo" through album hits "Tha Drill" and "Warrior's Dance" featuring Pep Love. And we shouldn't forget the appearance of Grouch on "Flow". Deep Water Slang is advanced hip-hop for the party and dance floor.
(Live Up)

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