Zachary Gray Montréal I/II

Zachary Gray <i>Montréal I/II</i>
Zachary Gray is busy enough as one half of indie pop duo Cinéma Vérité, but the Montreal-based musician has outdone himself with a new solo release called Montréal I/II. After a planned North American tour with Benoît Pioulard was cancelled due to visa issues, Gray used his spare time to create his first solo release.

The album sees Gray combine the pop aspects of Cinéma Vérité with lush, warm soundscapes and IDM-referencing beats. It's a winning combination, particularly thanks to his ability to maintain song structures through it all. Armed with a pair of remixes from JDH and the Blue City Project, it's a worthwhile listen.

Montréal I/II can be streamed below or downloaded for free here courtesy of Camomille Music.

Montréal I / II by Zachary Gray by Camomille