You Say Party Celebrate 10th Anniversary with 'Decennium' EP

You Say Party Celebrate 10th Anniversary with 'Decennium' EP
It's been 10 years since Abbotsford, BC-bred indie outfit You Say Party first brought out the dancy hits, and the band are about to celebrate the anniversary with a rarities EP dubbed Decennium. The mini-release arrives next Tuesday (April 15).

The group announced the EP today (April 7) and explained in a statement that the four tracks found on Decennium "have been sitting on the shelves," with the anniversary being as good of time as any to dust off the tracks for a proper release.

Included on the EP are a demo version of their Hit the Floor! track "The Gap (Between the Rich and the Poor)," as well as an early take of Lose All Time's "Monster," a cover of fellow Abby band Progressive Thinker's "You Are What We Like to Eat" and a remix of "Like I Give a Care."

"Ten years ago, You Say Party! We Say Die! played our very first show in a small church basement in Abbotsford, with friends Fun 100, the Hand and the All Purpose Voltage Heroes," the band said in a statement. "It marked the beginning of something we never would have imagined would go so far, and we're so happy to be still playing music together a decade later."

Having issued a few songs last year, following a hiatus, You Say Party add that they've "been in and out of the studio working on new material." Concrete plans for these tracks are expected be revealed later on this year.


1. The Gap (Between the Rich and the Poor) (Demo)

2. Monster (Demo)

3. You Are What We Like to Eat (The Progressive Thinker Cover)

4. Like I Give a Care (Milou Studios Mix)