Yoo Doo Right 'Nobody Panicked and Everybody Got On' (EP stream)

Yoo Doo Right 'Nobody Panicked and Everybody Got On' (EP stream)
Montreal outfit Yoo Doo Right describe their sound as "a car crash in slow motion," forcing Krautrock-inspired guitars and synths through a heavy wall of sound, coming out the other side as fully fledged songs. Their first EP Nobody Panicked and Everybody Got On packs in four tracks of shoegaze-y goodness, and Exclaim! is giving you an early listen to the whole thing before it officially drops.
The debut recording was engineered by David Kunstatter at Breakglass Studio, and mixed by Austin Tufts and Taylor Smith of Braids at their Mile End studio.

"Yoo Doo Right's writing process doesn't follow a traditional approach," the band tell Exclaim! "We reject the concept of showcasing any individual member of the group and instead seek to create an entity in and of itself, comprised by the four of us contributing to the writing process equally. Our songs don't generally come from one single idea and instead are usually born from long form improvisations that we eventually refine into palatable material."

The EP opens with the dark and sprawling title track, gaining momentum thanks to steadily quickening percussion and clanging guitars that provide the background to sparse but impactful shouted vocals. "Distaval" takes things in a more atmospheric direction, which then swerves into heavier synth experimentation on "Fear of Elevators." The whole thing wraps up with the explosive tongue-twister, "The Ocelot That Lost a Lot."
Nobody Panicked and Everybody Got On is due out on December 3 through Second Best Records, but you can give it a spin right now in the player below.