YG's "FTP" Video Is Here to Say "Fuck the Police"

The anticipated clip was filmed at a Black Lives Matter protest
YG's 'FTP' Video Is Here to Say 'Fuck the Police'
As promised, YG has delivered the video for his new politically charged single "FTP" — or "Fuck the Police."

The video was shot last weekend at a Black Lives Matter protest in Hollywood, with the clip being directed by Denied Approval. As you'll see, the video opened with a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. saying, "A riot is the language of the unheard."

In a statement, YG explained the following of the "FTP" video:

You gotta understand that a lot of people out there they see me as a n***a. They don't see the Black proud man. They see a kid from Bompton and they expect violence. They hear "FTP" and they think I'm gonna come and burn my city. So we showed up and did it right. We proved them wrong. The real story here is me and Black Lives Matter brought out 50,000 people today to peacefully protest and unite for change….That is history. That is breaking down these stereotypes on our people and our neighbourhoods.

You can watch the powerful "FTP" video below.