Wolf Colony "Holy" (Carlson remix)

Wolf Colony 'Holy' (Carlson remix)
Earlier this year, anonymous New York-based singer-songwriter Wolf Colony dropped his debut full-length Unmasked — but despite the album's title, the musician's identity remains mysterious as ever.
Album cut "Holy" is a melancholy, downtempo, keys-driven tune lamenting a cloud of confusing feelings and self-doubt, and now it's been given the remix treatment by Carlson.
The new rendition keeps Wolf Colony's deep, haunting vocals in tact for the most part, though the instrumentation gets infused with a sped-up, synth-y beat, channelling an almost tropical vibe. Blips, hums and bursts of jumbled noise replace the quieter, more solemn moments on the original, giving listeners a totally new take on the track.
Exclaim! has got the exclusive premiere of the Carlson's "Holy" remix, and you can give it a spin right now in the player below.