White Rabbits "Had It Coming" (video)

White Rabbits 'Had It Coming' (video)
White Rabbits delivered their third LP, Milk Famous, but the band are out to prove that the album hasn't quite curdled just yet by releasing a video for its "Had It Coming."

The video plays out with a mystery motif, with vocalist/pianist Stephen Patterson acting as the story's disappeared Mr. Melon. Scored by the band's low-key, Spoon-styled bounce, we see various members of the band either handing out helpful fliers in supermarket parking lots, or being grilled in interrogation rooms about the circumstances behind Melon's disappearance. Violent flashbacks, old pics and newspaper clippings, and CGI-constructed profiles of Melon's melon are all used to help point you in the right direction for solving the case.

You can sleuth along to the song down below.