Weezer Launch Their Own Wordle Spinoff Called Weezle

How many five-letter Weezer words can you name?

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 3, 2022

Viral word game Wordle has already inspired many copycats and spinoffs, including the pornographic Lewdle and the Swift-themed Taylordle. Now, perhaps inevitably, Weezer have launched Weezle.

Just like Wordle, Weezle gives players six guesses to narrow down a five-letter word. The twist, which savvy Exclaim! readers will have probably deduced by now, is that all of the words are Weezer-themed.

I'm not trying to brag or anything, but the writer of this article got today's Weezle in one guess.

The game appears to be officially endorsed by the band, and possibly even created by frontman Rivers Cuomo himself, since he tweeted out a link to the game:

Meme-loving rockers Weezer have been dipping a toe into the tech world as of late. Earlier this year, Cuomo launched his very own Weezer streaming service Weezify, as a way to distribute his collections of demos.

Check out Weezle here.

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