Rivers Cuomo Doesn't Know Which Charli XCX Album He Played On

What a sucker

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 21, 2024

Charli XCX is on top of the world right now, having released the year's best pop album with BRAT and then having followed it up today with an excellent Lorde remix. But there was a time when Charli wasn't quite so omnipresent in everyone's mind: her one-time collaborator Rivers Cuomo can't even remember which of her albums he appeared on.

Speaking with NME, the publication quizzed the Weezer frontman on which of her albums he played on. Laughing, he responded, "Um… I don't know!" Wait, so he hasn't had her discography on repeat since BRAT came out?!

After NME told him that he co-wrote "Hanging Around" on 2014's Sucker, he responded, "Yeah, that's right! Charli XCX is cool."

Sucker was Chali XCX's second album, and it notably includes the hit "Boom Clap." "Hanging Around" wasn't a single, however, and was buried fairly deep on the album as the 10th track.

In 2014, Charli spoke about the collaboration in an interview with Radio.com (then known as Audacy). She said, "I just went over to his house and we wrote two songs together in his studio in his backyard. It was so interesting working with him, just because we're from such different worlds, but he has such an interest in pop music — and in particular in the formulas in pop music, and the structure. That's something that I actually have no interest in at all, but it was really interesting working with someone who is so into that. He's just a cool, nice guy, you know? He's the kind of guy that I want to go bowling with all the time, 'cause I feel like he would let me cheat and win."

Take a listen to the song below — and maybe Cuomo should take a listen as well, to reacquaint himself with her work. With a stomp-clap rock rhythm à la "Beverly Hills," it clearly bears Cuomo's imprint.

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