Wavves Is a Landlord Now and Everyone Is Freaking Out

Nathan Williams is renting out units in L.A. for $2,995 per month

Photo: Rick Clifford

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jan 27, 2019

Slacker punk dude Nathan Williams once declared himself "King of the Beach," but now the Wavves leader has become the king of an eight-unit apartment building. That's right: Wavves is a landlord now, and everyone is freaking out.

The one-bedroom apartments are located in the Silver Lake neighbourhood of Los Angeles. They cost $2,995 USD per month ($3,959 CAD), and are pet-friendly. Pictures of the units can be seen in the Instagram gallery below.

In the day since the original Instagram post, it already has well over 600 comments (as of press time). Some of these comments are complimenting the undeniably nice-looking suites, but there's also a lot of criticism — the word "gentrifier" comes up a lot. Others are simply marvelling at the fact that an indie musician known for weed humour and nihilistic pop-punk anthems is now a landlord.

The controversy has also been raging on Twitter, where Williams has been directly responding to some of his critics. Scroll past the Instagram gallery to see the comments and his responses.

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