VISSIA Lives in the Moment in "On My Mind" Music Video

VISSIA Lives in the Moment in 'On My Mind' Music Video
Edmonton artist VISSIA is reviving the carefree vibe of the '80s with her latest release, "On My Mind." The official music video is out today via Hurry Hard Records, and you can watch it down below. 
Encompassing the sweaty momentum of the dance floor, "On My Mind" captures the feeling of letting go and being in the moment with someone you love – the blissful joy of dancing around without a care in the world. As VISSIA explains in an announcement, "There is no past. There is no future. There is only the eye-locking, breathtaking, sexy, sweaty, fun, beautiful, uncomplicated now."
Making her mark last year with singles "About Moving On" and "Walk Me Home," VISSIA proves her ability to translate tiny, poignant moments of the human experience into relatable, catchy tunes. 
Watch the music video for "On My Mind" below.