Are Jack White and Kendrick Lamar Planning a Collaboration?

Or are they just watching baseball?
Are Jack White and Kendrick Lamar Planning a Collaboration?
Photo: David James Swanson
Are Jack White and Kendrick Lamar teasing a collaboration? The rapper and the rocker appear to have hung out at a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game — although it's not entirely clear if they're working on music together, or if they simply bumped into one another.

On the Instagram account @officialjackwhitelive, White posted a photo of Lamar wearing a Dodgers jersey. The photo comes with the caption "kedrick lamarr [sic] sat next to me at a dodgers game once." Understandably, the comments are full of speculations about a collaboration.

So exactly what is White, who comes from Detroit and lives in Nashville, doing sitting next to Lamar at a baseball game? That's anyone's guess, but their paths have crossed before.

In 2016, they were both featured guests on Beyoncé's album Lemonade. And they're both rumoured to be working on new music; White posted a cryptic teaser in late May, while Lamar has reportedly been recording for some time. Early in 2020, Billboard journalist Bill Werde tweeted that Lamar is "pulling in more rock sounds this time," which means White might fit right in.

See the post below. Stay tuned for more updates about what this all means — and keep your eyes peeled to @officialjackwhitelive for more cryptic hints.