Watch Harry Styles and Wet Leg Perform "Wet Dream" Together

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jul 19, 2023

Wet Leg devotee Harry Styles has publicly bolstered his love for the band once again. This time, the pop star invited the indie rock darlings on stage with him at his show in Lisbon, Portugal.

Styles introduced Wet Leg as "one of [his] favourite bands" before welcoming Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers on stage to play their single "Wet Dream." Surprisingly, Styles took a backseat to the band, playing rhythm and adding occasional vocals. The crowd erupted when Teasdale grabbed her crotch as if she was Styles himself. The trio hugged and then played Styles' track "Daylight." Watch it below.

This wasn't the first time Styles loaned his chops to "Wet Dream" — he covered it for BBC Radio One last year. Wet Leg has also opened for him on a handful of tour dates.

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