Vivek Shraya Shares Bold New Single "Good Luck (You're Fucked)"

It arrives via her new label home, Mint Records

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Feb 9, 2023

Vivek Shraya has released new music. The Edmonton creative's latest "Good Luck (You're Fucked)" is the lead single from her upcoming album arriving via her new label home over at Mint Records.

The single acts as a not-so-subtle middle finger to the cancel culture naysayers. In a conversational Broadway style, Shraya sarcastically laments the difficulties of manhood before ripping into their behaviours over a punchy dance instrumental.

"Post-#MeToo, we have been subjected to so many reductive and ludicrous responses by men about how hard it is to even talk to women now, how you can't do or say anything without potentially being cancelled, blah blah blah," Shraya said in a release. "This song is me shutting that 'dialogue' down — period…"

She continued: "What I love about songwriting as a 40-something is that you've really earned and experienced the feelings you are writing and singing about, and swearing in particular in a song in your 40s just hits different than when you are in your 20s — it's not about being a rebel or badass and it's not superfluous. In this song, swearing marks an intentional exit, the door slamming behind me!"

Shraya has yet to detail her album, but we do know that it's expected to come this spring.

Watch the video for "Good Luck (You're Fucked)" below. 

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