Various And Suddenly It's Morning

Since its founding in 2006, the Smallville label has quickly grown in notoriety as a platform for quality and innovative sounds in deep, minimal techno music. And Suddenly It's Morning marks the label's first compilation attempt. Featuring an impressive tracklisting, including the likes of Lowtec, Move D & Benjamin Brunn and label bosses Lawrence and Julius Steinhoff, the compilation is an excellent showcase of what this label is all about. The tracks, full of warm, melodic, round sounds, have a wonderful duality about them, immersing and soothing the listener while stealthily ingraining themselves into your heartbeat so that, before you know it, you find yourself shifting and shuffling along as naturally as taking a breath. Just as good for home listening as for a full-on party at the end of a long week, this is definitely one to have on repeat. (Smallville)