Vancouver's Hermetic Say Farewell with 'Postscript'

Vancouver's Hermetic Say Farewell with 'Postscript'
Before he was fronting the pop-punk trio Sightlines, Vancouver busybody Eric Axen made post-punk alongside Bart Newman in the duo Hermetic. The group have slowed down in recent years as Axen focuses on his other project, and they've now decided to call it quits altogether. First, they'll deliver a final LP.

Called Postscript, the release features 12 new compositions from the band. It's their first material released since 2013's Heartbreakology EP. The album's artwork, available above, features a photograph from Ryan Walter Wagner. It was recorded with Chris van der Laan and Tom Prilesky.

Today, Exclaim! is happy to premiere "March" alongside the song "Fault-Finding Mission," which previously appeared on a compilation. Listen to both songs below.

Big Smoke and Alarum Records will release Postscript digitally and on cassette on May 12. Then, Hermetic will play their final show on May 13 at Vancouver's Toast Collective.


1. Fault-Finding Mission
2. Glass
3. Working Slob
4. Collapsible Human
5. Strategic Default
6. Relics
7. March
8. Anathema
9. Withering
10. Smoke
11. Test Pressing
12. Postscript