Usher Accused of Paying Strippers Using Fake "UsherBucks"

Usher Accused of Paying Strippers Using Fake 'UsherBucks'
Usher has gone viral for a pretty shitty reason today: the singer stands accused of making it rain on exotic dancers using fake $1, $20 and $100 American bills with his face on them.

A Las Vegas-based dancer who goes by Pisces posted a series of photos of bills bearing a resemblance to the R&B singer to her Instagram stories writing, "Ladies what would you do if you danced all night for usher and he threw this??"

One of Pisces' friends reposted to her own account and added: "My GF posted this !!! I've never seen this level of f*ckery!!!! exactly why we stay away from celebs most of the time they suck!!!!!!!! cheap asf. So disrespectful, this is foul! Working so hard to get nothing in return! This is a joke!! Their job is to entertain, take your cheap ass back home!!!!!"

UPDATE (4/12, 10 p.m. ET): According to TMZ, those close to Usher have disputed the rumours out there that he used any sort of "UsherBucks" to pay for his entertainment. The supposed incident apparently happened at a Vegas club called Sapphire, whose rep has informed TMZ that the singer did not actually use fake money and paid staff generously. The confusion all erupted apparently due to one of Usher's crew leaving some fake UsherBucks as a joke on a stage to promote the singer's new Vegas residency

While Usher has yet to set the story straight or comment on the accusations, Twitter is dragging him after he posted a photo of himself wearing a bucket hat made out of real bills and another of him posing with a suitcase full of the fake bills the internet has dubbed "UsherBucks."

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