Toronto's poolblood Announces Debut Album 'mole'

Dorothea Paas, Eliza Niemi, Christian Lee Hutson, Grant Pavol and more contribute

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Oct 13, 2022

Toronto's Maryam Said has readied their debut album as poolblood. The singer-songwriter will share the nine-track mole on January 13 via Next Door Records following news of their signing this summer.

Co-produced alongside Shamir and Louie Short, mole is said to burrow into "stories of deep and abiding intimacies, romantic and platonic" that run deep beneath the surface of our lives.

In a statement, Said shares of the set's overarching theme, "I wanted to capture all of the uncomfortable moments in all of my relationships, writing about the discomfort and not sensitizing it."

This communal aspect is also reflected by mole's cast of collaborators, including Dorothea Paas, Christian Lee Hutson, Eliza Niemi, Grant Pavol, Victoria Bury, Chastity Belt's Annie Truscott, Nick Short, Drew and Jeremy Harmon, and Said's aforementioned co-producers.

Following the June arrival of "twinkie," new song "shabby" is the latest to arrive from the record. You can hear it below alongside a self-shot video, capturing Said, Shamir and Drew Harmon palling around in the Pacific Northwest.

"It's a trippy video celebrating friendship!" Said shares. "I wrote this with one of my best friends in mind as I really wanted to write something to express my love for my friends."

In August, poolblood showed us the instrument they can't live without as part of Exclaim!'s Show & Tell feature.


1. <3
2. wfy
3. shabby
4. twinkie
5. voyager
6. null
7. beam
8. sorry
9. my little room

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