Timber Timbre

"Grand Canyon" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Oct 15, 2014

Timber Timbre have unveiled yet another feverish vision behind this year's stunning Hot Dreams, fitting the album's dusty "Grand Canyon" single with mystifying, beautiful and occasionally offbeat shots.

Where to begin? Throughout the track, chronicling air travel and the intricacies of life, we see a smorgasbord of scenarios. There's a burn victim looking longingly into the camera's eye juxtaposing footage of a man with no face, one figure appears to be having a transcendent crawl through the ruddy landscape of a canyon, while both a cityscape and a car on an abandoned forest road are seen on fire. This is, of course, scored at one point by a scorching saxophone solo.

"The idea wasn't to tell a single literal story, but rather to show fragments of many moments in many different lives, to create a series of pulled-apart vignettes but that all convey a similar theme," director Scott Cudmore said in a statement. "To me it's about alienation in various forms — alienation from each other, from the planet that we live on, etc. Where have we been and where are we going? The first time I flew over the Grand Canyon I found it totally overwhelming. We're just a bunch of ultimately insignificant beasts roaming around on a planet that we don't really understand and that is almost impossible to reconcile our existence with. But to me that creates a sense of wonder much more so than dread or fear."

It's an intense if cryptic clip, and you can try to sort out the message for yourself down below.

As previously reported, Timber Timbre are currently on tour in support of Hot Dreams, with a trio of Toronto appearances taking place in December. You'll find the show schedule here.

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