T.I. "About the Money" (remix ft. Jeezy, Young Thug & Lil Wayne)

T.I. 'About the Money' (remix ft. Jeezy, Young Thug & Lil Wayne)
Since T.I. revealed on his new Paperwork LP that he's "About the Money," some of you out there might be wondering how many bills it took to bring Lil Wayne and Jeezy onto a new remix of the track. Honestly, it'll probably just make you feel bad about the size of your own bank account, so you may as well just enjoy the spruced-up tune below.

Backed by the smooth and silky beat, Jeezy lays out a confident but confounding set of bars that have the former Boyz n da Hood rapper laying out plans to kill you "like some ebola" and calling someone a "homo." Young Thug had already appeared on the cut in a different remix, so it's Weezy that adds new juice, using a wildly AutoTuned flow about kicking it in his mansion.

You'll find the latest take on "About the Money" down below.