This Sound Will Save You "Keep My Eyes Shut" (The Funk Hunters remix) (video)

This Sound Will Save You 'Keep My Eyes Shut' (The Funk Hunters remix) (video)
Halifax electronic pop trio This Sound Will Save You made their full-length debut with Let the Night Lead You back in May, and now they've shared a video for a the Funk Hunters' version of their track "Keep My Eyes Shut."

While the original song was a bright pop number, the remix by the Funk Hunters is harder hitting and more dancefloor-oriented. The general structure is fairly similar, although the chorus features dubstep-flavoured lurches and drops that veer away from the pop-geared focus of the tune.

The video, meanwhile, utilizes much of the same chilly nighttime footage from the song's original clip, although features some more snowy shot,s plus a lots of glitchy effects to go along with the arrangement. Watch the video at the bottom of the page and download the remix in the SoundCloud player below.

Let the Night Lead You is out through Popguru.