This Sound Will Save You "Keep My Eyes Shut" (video)

This Sound Will Save You 'Keep My Eyes Shut' (video)
This Sound Will Save You's debut album, Let the Night Lead You, is due out later this month (May 14) through Popguru, and now the Halifax electronic pop trio have shared a video for the opening cut, "Keep My Eyes Shut."

The clip for this danceable, synth-heavy tune is a shadowy affair that captures the blurry excitement of a night out in the city.

Director Ben Von Wong said in a statement, "Shooting with TSWSY was a very cold, exhilarating, but amazing ride in which we tried to capture the feelings reflected in the actual lyrics of the song 'Keep My Eyes Shut.' My challenge as a director was to visualize the escape attempted from a recent break up and all the pain which goes along with the break up without making it feel too dark and leaving enough room for hope and a future."

Watch it below.