The Jerry Cans' Andrew Morrison Announces Debut Album as Echoes Of…

Listen to "Dead or Dying (Winter Version)," the lead single from 'Euphemisms,' due January 26

BY Nika Petrosian Published Nov 10, 2023

Echoes Of…, the new project led by Andrew Morrison of the Jerry Cans and co-founder of Aakuluk Music, have announced their debut album Euphemisms, arriving on January 26 via Aakuluk Records. Along with the announcement, Echoes Of… have also shared their newest single, "Dead or Dying (Winter Version)," featuring Lovely Things.

With Echoes Of…, Morrison — along with collaborators James Ungalaq, Terry Uyarak, Ivaana, Naja P, Jace Lasek and Maazes — explores the community, music, culture and landscapes of Iqaluit, Nunavut. The collective are said to focus on creating a "mesmerizing auditory journey" that captures the "rugged beauty — and collaborative spirit — of the North," as stated in a press statement.

Echoes Of…'s "Dead or Dying" embodies that sentiment entirely with its exploration of "the uniquely beautiful feelings of rage and grief," Morrison shared in a press statement. The song, which was written in the wake of the death of Morrison's mother, aims to recognize the battles that his loved ones face every day.

About "Dead or Dying," Morrison says:

This song is part therapy to express rage about loss, grief about the end of eras, rage about loss of childhood friends in my community, but also rage about death of people I don't even know in international communities. Rage about the demolition of communities and cultures. At home and abroad. 

Listen to "Dead or Dying (Winter Version)" below, where you will find the tracklist for their upcoming album, Euphemisms.


1 Dead or Dying (Winter Version)
2 Shine Your Light feat. Naja P and Maazes
3 Inurulutuinnaujuguk feat. qiyuapik
4 Feel Along feat. Lovely Things
5 Garage feat. Ivaana, qiyuapik
6 Blame the Government feat. Jaaku Sørensen, Lovely Things
7 Iqanajarumanngittunga feat. Terry Uyarak
8 Sukkuga feat. Thelma Sól
9 Mamaqtuq
10 Dead or Dying (Summer Version)
11 Anaanaga (Winter Version)

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