The Bug and Godflesh's Justin K. Broadrick Ready New Album as Zonal

'Wrecked' features Moor Mother on six tracks

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Aug 21, 2019

Fifteen years after their final album as Techno Animal, the Bug (a.k.a. Kevin Martin) and Godflesh's Justin Broadrick reunited to form Zonal. Now, the duo have announced their debut album under the new moniker.

Zonal will release a new album titled Wrecked through Relapse Records on October 25. Twelve tracks in length, the album is said to put the pair's "brutal ongoing obsession with beats, bass, dub, drone, noise and riff" on full display.

Six tracks on the effort feature guest verses from Philadelphia MC Moor Mother (a.k.a. Camae Ayewa). She can be heard on first single "System Error," which you can find following the tracklist below.

Earlier this year, Martin delivered his Sirens album under his own name.

Wrecked is now available for pre-order.


1. Intro - Body Of Wire (ft. Moor Mother)
2. In A Cage (ft. Moor Mother)
3. System Error (ft. Moor Mother)
4. Medulla (ft. Moor Mother)
5. Catalyst (ft. Moor Mother)
6. No Investigation (ft. Moor Mother)
7. Wrecked
8. Debris
9. Black Hole Orbit
10. S.O.S.
11. Alien Within
12. Stargazer

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