'Ted Lasso' Quotes Radiohead's "Karma Police" in Season 2 Premiere

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BY Alex HudsonPublished Jul 26, 2021

Adorable soccer sitcom Ted Lasso just returned for its second season on Apple TV+, and the first episode features all of the usual corny jokes and good-natured locker room hijinks — plus, surprisingly, a Radiohead reference from lead actor Jason Sudekis.

In the second season premiere that aired this past Friday (July 23), titled "Goodbye, Earl," coach Ted Lasso laments the band's recent streak of ties, and he quotes Radiohead's OK Computer hit "Karma Police."

"I'm telling you, all these ties are my fault. It's straight-up celestial payback for the Man City game," Lasso says. "There I was, wishing and hoping for a friggin' tie, and now the karma police are making good on showing me what I get when I mess with them."

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That quote is Ted Lasso in a nutshell: not exactly funny, but full of dad jokes and feel-good humour that seems to come from a different universe than the toxic time we live in.

Ted Lasso airs weekly on Apple TV+. The new season got a thumbs-up in Exclaim!'s latest Tune In or Turn Off streaming guide.

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