Tara Kannangara "The House Where I Live" (live video)

Tara Kannangara 'The House Where I Live' (live video)
Juno nominee Tara Kannangara is eagerly anticipating the awards show next month, but before the trophies get handed out in Calgary on April 3, Exclaim! has your first look at her brand new video for "The House Where I Live."
Kannangara isn't your typical jazz musician; the trumpet player and vocalist incorporates contemporary elements of modern pop into her music. That risk seems to have paid off, landing her debut album Some Version of the Truth a Juno nod for Vocal Jazz Album of the Year — an honour she describes as "unexpected, but awesome."
That jazz-pop vibe is on display with "The House Where I Live," showcasing her prowess both behind the mic and on the trumpet. The new video captures a live performance of the song, backed up by Chris Pruden on keyboards. The dramatic, emotional song hears the singer exploring the role that self-sabotage previously played in her life.
"I recall a time in my life when I had a lot of problems that I was intellectually capable of solving, but I could never bring myself to do the things that needed to be done in order solve these problems and move forward," Kannangara tells Exclaim! "I was also tremendously afraid that I would go through life knowing that I was capable of being a better person, perhaps even contributing something significant, but never taking the steps to do so, even sabotaging myself because I was afraid of what a better life would look like."
Hear and see her work through the fear and doubt by watching the performance of "The House Where I Live" in the player below.