Surfer Blood "Hey Ya!" (Outkast cover)

Surfer Blood 'Hey Ya!' (Outkast cover)
Surfer Blood are know for their love of '90s alt-rock, but the band have now shown a surprising love of hip-hop by covering Outkast's hit "Hey Ya!"

This acoustic rendition was made for the new Amazon Acoustics compilation. This rendition isn't too much of a departure from the peppy pop-crossover vibe of the original tune, although the acoustic instrumentation means that it has a campfire vibe. Halfway through, Surfer Blood give it a slight Hawaiian flair with the introduction of a peaceful side guitar.

Pitchfork notes that Amazon Acoustics will contain covers and original tunes from more than 30 artists including Petter Matthew Bauer (of the Walkmen), Hamilton Leithauser (also of the Walkmen), the Districts, Jessie Baylin and many more. It will be exclusive to Amazon, and only streamable through the retailer's Prime Music. It's not clear exactly when the compilation will be out.

As for Surfer Blood, their album 1000 Palms came out back in the spring.