Supercrush Collect Singles on 'Never Let You Drift Away' LP

Supercrush Collect Singles on 'Never Let You Drift Away' LP
With a resume that includes Reserve 34, Go It Alone, Vacant State, Get the Most, Devotion and Black Breath, one would expect Mark Palm's Supercrush to deliver some more blistering Pacific Northwest hardcore. Instead, the project has spent the last few years delivering perfect power-pop platters via a series of singles. 

If you missed out on gripping said singles, you're in luck — Supercrush are collecting all of their standalone songs on a new LP called Never Let You Drift Away

In addition to the eight previously released single tracks, the album features two bonus cuts: "Hidden Worlds" and "Rewind."

The whole thing is a perfect precursor to Supercrush's debut LP, which is currently being recorded as we speak.

Never Let You Drift Away will be released on March 29. In Canada, it can be ordered through Debt Offensive, while Americans can buy it through KR Records and Europeans can buy it through Erste Theke. The release will also be available on a limited CD through Japan's Flake Records

Listen to nine tenths of Never Let You Drift Away below.

Never Let You Drift Away:

1. Lifted
2. Melt Into You (Drift Away)
3. I Don't Want To Be Sad Anymore
4. How Does It Feel (To Feel Like You)
5. I've Been Around
6. Brutal Honesty
7. I Can't Lie
8. Walking Backwards
9. Hidden Worlds
10. Rewind