Sunnsetter Shares Single "I ACTUALLY DON'T WANNA DIE"

A reimagining of their 2018 track

Photo: Jules Mancuso

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Apr 17, 2024

Sunnsetter — the musical project of Andrew McLeod — has shared their first single of the year. "I ACTUALLY DON'T WANNA DIE" is their first release since 2023's debut album, The best that I can be.

As per usual, the track was recorded out of their home studio in Norfolk County, ON. It's a reimagined version of the song originally found on 2018's Worrybody.

"'I ACTUALLY DON'T WANNA DIE' has always been important to me, and the band loves to play it," McLeod said via press release. "We turned it into something it never was, or maybe better yet, the thing it was supposed to be but wasn't until now; so it feels very genuine to play this song with these people and live this new experience around it." 

"I ACTUALLY DON'T WANNA DIE" follows Sunnsetter graduating from Exclaim!'s Class of 2024 series in January. Listen to the new song below. 

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