Listen to Snail Mail's Debut Album 'Lush'

Listen to Snail Mail's Debut Album 'Lush'
After a breakout 2017 that saw her sign to Matador, Lindsey Jordan has delivered her debut album as Snail Mail, and you can hear Lush in its entirety right here.

Ten tracks in length, Lush had previously been described by Jordan as an album focused on "the passing trends, the awkward house parties, the sick-to-your-stomach crushes and the heart wrenching breakups" that come with growing up.

Jordan wrote Lush during the transition from high school student to full-time musician, and as she recently told Exclaim!, the place she is now is a far cry from the one in which she began to write Lush. 

The album was recorded with producer Jake Aron and engineer Johnny Schenke, and it features instrumentation from Jordan's touring bandmates Ray Brown on drums and Alex Bass on bass (yes, really.)

Take in Lush below.