Talking Heads' 'Stop Making Sense' Band Made Its Debut in Canada

The band talked about their touring lineup and much more on 'Colbert'

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Oct 26, 2023

To everyone's delight, Talking Heads are still on their press tour for the 40th anniversary of Stop Making Sense, the greatest concert film of all time. Last night (October 25), the band appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for an interview, revealing that their expanded touring band has roots in Canada.

While discussing putting together the band's most iconic iteration, guitarist Jerry Harrison explained that one of the first test runs of the expanded lineup happened in good old Bowmanville, ON. 

"It started with, of course, the tour for Remain in Light, where we had played so many parts, we go, 'We can't quite tour and play all of this at the same time,'" Harrison explained. "And we actually had the opportunity, because we were playing in Central Park, and a festival in Canada in Mosport [an auto racing venue in Bowmanville] near Toronto. We go, 'Let's do an experiment and let's try having a bigger band.'"

After describing how he assembled the musicians that would become the Talking Heads touring band, he told Colbert he immediately knew they had something special: "I came back to the studio, and went, 'We have the best band in the world, I can't believe it!"

At one point, Colbert asked the band if they'd take his studio band's instruments and play the audience a song. The crowd goes wild while David Byrne laughs nervously, and Chris Frantz claps and chants, "Wooo!" Unfortunately, Tina Weymouth shut it down, telling Colbert, "You'll be still waiting." Colbert then had to calm the audience by telling them to sit down. Too bad!

The whole interview is in three parts and is a very wholesome watch. Check it out below.

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