Stabbed in Back "Dead Inside"

Stabbed in Back 'Dead Inside'
Albuquerque, New Mexico punks Stabbed in Back are gearing up to unleash their debut full-length Dasvidaniya, but before it arrives, Exclaim! is streaming album cut "Dead Inside."
The band have been playing together since 2004, and more than a decade later, they're ready to reveal 24-minute-long record of fast, furious punk rock. It shouldn't come as a surprise that "Dead Inside" clocks in at under three minutes, but the track proves that quantity isn't more important than quality.
Despite the short timespan, Stabbed in Back manage to deliver breakneck drums, loud guitars and vocals that run the gamut from melodic to menacing on "Dead Inside." The lyrical content is bit grim, with a repeated refrain of "Living is easy when you're dead inside," but it's a feisty, fistpump-friendly beast of a song, nonetheless.
Dasvidaniya drops on March 31 via Dying Scene Records. Get your first listen to "Dead Inside" by hitting play below.