Souls She Said As Templar Nites

Turn all amplifiers and mics up; add a drum fill as often as possible; noise upon noise, and then more noise, and then more. Souls She Said don’t offer too much silence as they sweep through the atonal, indie noise ballad to the neo-psych rock-out. Just about every traditional song structure is explored with impressively unorthodox instrumentation, creating an obstreperous, shambolic Jane’s Addiction feel with one key setback: it sounds as though they arrived at their vocalist by drawing straws. The Icarus Line’s Joe Cardamone (the shortest straw) moans like an aphasiac more often than he actually sings, but the noise that he vomits over is so saturated with good musical ideas that the compulsion to turn it up is stronger than the compulsion to turn it off. (Dim Mak)