Sondre Lerche

"Lucky Guy" (video)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Feb 19, 2015

Norwegian popster Sondre Lerche released his latest LP Please last year, but the singer-songwriter is keeping the album's momentum going with a new clip for "Lucky Guy."
The black-and-white video is simple and straightforward, reflecting the nature of the song. It was directed by Marius Hauge and features footage of Lerche and his bandmates Dave Heilman and Chris Holm playing along to what Lerche describes as "the most stripped down and direct song on Please."
"Marius is a master of shadows and light, and works with intense precision," Lerche said in a statement. "It's an intense song to perform over and over all day. 'Lucky Guy' is a love song to what was and isn't anymore. I've noticed some people have interpreted it as ironic or almost sarcastic, while other see it as noble, almost overly diplomatic. It can be read many ways, I'm sure. To me, a major theme was trying to find dignity in a challenging, life-changing situation, and softly coming to terms with reality."
His first record since getting divorced, Lerche's Please is out now via his own Mona Records. Check out the new clip for "Lucky Guy" below.

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