Sondre Lerche

"Chandelier" (Sia cover)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Dec 23, 2014

With Sia's uplifiting "Chandelier" being one of the most inspiring pop singles of 2014, there are bound to be other artists just waiting to take a crack at it. Norwegian artist Sondre Lerche is one such player and has just delivered a rather dramatic interpretation of the hit single.

Temporarily taking the focus off of his own Please LP, Lerche reconfigures the massive arrangement of the original into a more gothic direction via the use of symphony strings and powerfully pulsating church organs. The dark and decaying echo slathered onto the solo artist's vocals take the tortured lyrics in a different direction.

"I was curious what might happen if a male singer sang those words of desperation and self-analysis, instead of passing judgement on a troubled party girl," Lerche said of his experiment with the single. "As overtly sensitive and desperately earnest as the male singer/songwriter has gotten in our time, it still seems unusual for a man to expose vulnerabilities in the way that Sia does in her song. But there's no reason to assume party boys aren't self-medicating as much as any party girl."

You can catch Lerche's cover down below.

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