Solids "Wait It Out"

Solids 'Wait It Out'
Montreal two-piece Solids are gearing up to unleash a new EP titled Else, but before it lands, the band have offered up another tease of the upcoming material with the track "Wait It Out."
As previously reported, the new record hears the band embracing a road-weary sound inspired by the alienating, excruciating slog of life on tour. Dark, grungy and darkly mesmerizing, that sentiment showed itself on the previously shared "Blank Stare," and it's just as strong on "Wait It Out."

"The main riff of 'Wait It Out' is pretty much the first thing that popped when we started jamming for what would later become Else," vocalist and guitarist Xavier Germain Poitras said in a statement. "We knew we wanted a more diverse palette in terms of tempo compared to what we'd done in the past; a couple fast songs but also slower, heavier ones. And since this song is about problems or crises that can only be solved with time it made perfect sense to play it as slowly as we could."

Else is due out on April 15 through Dine Alone, but you can ease the wait by listening to "Wait It Out" in the player below right now.