Sleigh Bells Claim Demi Lovato Ripped Them Off

Sleigh Bells Claim Demi Lovato Ripped Them Off
Last month, Demi Lovato released her fifth studio album Confident. Perhaps her producers were a little too confident in their work, however, as they allegedly didn't bother clearing some samples from New York noise-rock duo Sleigh Bells.

On Twitter, the duo accused Lovato of sampling their tracks "Infinity Guitars" and "Riot Rhythm" in her new song "Stars":
As is often the case when a famous pop celebrity comes under attack, a swarm of Lovato fanatics are already accusing the group of being "unprofessional" and being "childish" for posting it publicly:

That said, a simple listen to all three songs offers some pretty damning evidence in Sleigh Bells' favour. 

UPDATE (11/03, 1:40 p.m.): Demi Lovato producers Carl Falk and Rami have now responded to the claims, telling EW in a statement, "We did not use any samples in Demi Lovato's song 'Stars.' Demi was also not involved with the production. She only wrote top line."